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Selling a home?

There are many options when selling your home, so why choose Alliance?

1) We Know the Market.

With over 30+ years of combined experience we have been around the Louisville and surrounding areas real estate market. We know the trends and have seen the growth over the years. Having been buyers and sellers first hand we know what it’s like to sell a home in good times and bad. Knowing the different neighborhoods and markets can be the difference between a positive transaction and a negative one.

2) We’re not conventional.

Professional? Yes. Conventional? No. Times are changing and so are we. Anyone can stick a sign in a yard. At Alliance we know this are constantly on the search for creative new and unique ways to market your home. Starting from the bottom up with eye catching yard signs to online and digital marketing tools we will find the best strategy to get you what you’re asking for when selling your home.

3) The Alliance Standard.

At Alliance we always strive for excellence. This means everything from our first interaction until the final papers are signed we do everything we can to help and guide you through the process.

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4898 Brownsboro Rd. Suite #300 Louisville,  KY 40207 Phone: 502-365-2772 Fax: 888-640-3210

If you’re interested in selling your home and agree with what you’ve read, contact us! No commitments or sign-up required.

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