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One phrase to describe my experience with Adele is OVER THE MOON. She is very good at her job. She knows the market, is very pro active, possesses effective negotiation skills, keeps her clients best intentions at heart, and takes care of business professionally. My fiance and I got very lucky to find her. We were able to close in 30 days after we found our home!!!!! She is very easy to relate to and was attentive to our needs. She has an outgoing and fun personality!  


Adele is a very professional realtor with excellent people skills as well as in depth knowledge of the housing market. She was invaluable in the purchase of my home in Plainview and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.


Adele was great to work with. It was a difficult time for me having to sell my home via a short sale but she helped me through the entire process and was professional but at the same time very nice. She worked very hard to get the sale accomplished.


I contacted Adele when I realized I could possibly lose my house due to the housing crunch of recent years. Adele is a take charge individual and wasted no time to meet with me and outline our process. Not only did she arrange the first meeting, she kept me abreast of all the activities with Bank of America. Not one time did I feel ignorant to the process and what she/we needed to do as a team. That’s what I liked most about her – she is a professional business woman who walked with me thru the total process. Losing a house after residing in it for over 25 years is an emotional trip. She handled her business but she also has a feeling and caring side to her makeup. Some professionals are cold and unfeeling – money being their top priority. You know immediately when the business arrangement is wrong. I knew from day one that Adele was the professional woman God sent my way to assist me and to let me know that things would work out. She never steered me in the wrong direction and addressed my questions even when they sounded unimportant and even silly. She will have a successful empire of a business because she possesses a lot of the personal characteristics which make you feel important. I thank God for her and will do my best to send my family/friends her way.


On a closing note, U Go Girl! Adele Guarino-Sanders is a professional businesswoman with character – she is indeed a great friend.


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